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We are a smart home technology company that specialises in creating intelligent, automated, secure home systems which suit you and your lifestyle.


Always arrive at your perfect home tailored to your exquisite requirements.

Imagine that you have had a fabulous evening at the theatre, return home, a warm house, fire lit, ambient lighting accompanied by a beautiful melody, playing softly in the background.

Sit back and relax while Thanium your virtual butler is at your service 24/7


Illuminate life, let the lighting set the scene, create atmosphere.

Listen to your favourite music as you move from room to room, entertain guests with the enthralling sound, bring the energy home, enjoy your life.

Simply match your environment with your mood for maximum pleasure and relaxation, you deserve the best.


For that personal indulgent cinematic experience from the comfort of home.

A cosy cinema room is a brilliant way to bring the family together for quality time.

Definitely, a worthwhile investment when you consider the incredible, immersive experience you’ll get every time you watch a movie.


Secure gate entry systems, two-way voice communication and wireless access, to suit every superhero.

Ensure the safety of your family and possessions with a state of the art integrated security system.

Perimeter intruder detection, CCTV, number plate recognition, remote monitoring and control.

Have a bespoke project in mind? Speak to one of our lovely staff today to find out how we can help you make this idea into reality.


Every project begins with the creative discussion encompassing ideas, requirements, budget and time-scales. Using our extensive technical knowledge, we will then be able to suggest a range of viable options.

From the initial discovery, we can create a proposal containing estimated costs for your approval.

After receipt of the proposal approval, we can then make any further adjustments and then formualate a detailed design list with full equipment specification and provide a formal quotation.

After receipt of the deposit, we instruct our auto-cad technician to add the positions of all equipment and cable runs onto the architectural schematics and produce any additional designs required for joinery incorporation.

We create a cabling schedule which is passed with the cabling architectural schematic onto the on-site electrician (where-applicable) and issue the specialist communication cables.


We keep you informed of the progress throughout the project delivery phase and resolve issues that arise accordingly.

We co-ordinate with the site manager and meet with all tradesman at the beginning of the project to ensure infrastructure is installed at the correct time during the construction phase.

Cabling is now installed by our engineers or by your appointed electrician.

When the construction and plastering phase is complete, we are then able to terminate the pre-installed cables ready for equipment installation.

We will now install the components that were carefully selected during the design phase.


Equipment is thoroughly tested, programmed and commissioned offsite in our dedicated test facility before being installed on-site.

During the on-site commissioning phase, we shall ensure that all equipment is calibrated professionally using our specialist tools and experience. We like to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

We now begin the bespoke customisation providing automation sequences to make your life simpler and add a personal touch.


At system hand-over, we walk-through the system room by room demonstrating how all the equipment seamlessly works in unison checking off everything from the design specification.

We provide documentation and an owners manual on how the system functions. We will include all the warranties and service information.

You shall now have the opportunity to enjoy the system for two weeks and then we will return to adjust and tweak the automation should you think of any additional preferences that you require.

We can offer different options of remote support within our service level agreement that has a range of different levels of support packages to suit you.


We pride ourselves on providing exceptional levels of customer service. Our support and commitment to our clients have come through our relentless attitude to offer our service from design stages through to aftercare continually. We are always willing to go that extra mile.

Our team of experts will lead you and your chosen contractors through the project; from initial design and AV cabling plans, through to installation and commissioning.


We love working with renowned Architects, M&E consultants and designers. We completely understand the philosophy of working from CAD drawing concepts through to completed designs.

Our vast experience and expertise allow us to work with you in such a way as to produce results that are both excellent in form and function.


Having worked with a variety of interior designers, our services go hand in hand. The combined effort and ideas have resulted in achieved the ‘wow factor’ in all of our projects.

We can create a world of pure imagination, live the fairy tale, fulfil the clients’ desires.

No idea is too wacky or wild we excel ourself on bringing dreams to reality.


Through our extensive experience in large project tendering and contract administration, we understand that development projects include working to tight budgets to achieve the appropriate end goal.

We specialise in liaising with developers and investors to look at ways of maximising the profitability on each project.

Our design service will cover all aspects to offer unique selling points to potential clients.

Let’s work together on your
next smart home project

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